The 1st time in the Philippines




Push yourself beyond what you’ve experienced


1 February 2019 – March 3 2019



In this special 30 Day Life Upgrade Challenge designed for FILIPINOS, you will be personally coached to Upgrade your life in these VITAL AREAS 

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    LIFE VISION - Get total clarity on EVERY area of your life. Understand your underlying beliefs, your primary purpose and CREATE a clear actionable strategy to achieve your outcomes.
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    ENERGY - Experience deep rest and highly focused natural vitality with a greater motivation for health and fitness
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    EMOTIONAL HEALING - How to jettison limiting beliefs and past traumas and create heightened confidence and self-esteem
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    WEALTH CONSCIOUSNESS - We either attract or repel money. Fix your money blocks and open your money flow through fun and inspired action  
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     EXPERIENCES - Become a leader and creator of amazing relationships and memories wherever you go.
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    EDUCATION - create a clearer way of learning  
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    And so much more


Master Simple Techniques

Every day I’ll be in the Facebook group with you, giving you daily advice and challenges that will elevate your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Connect with like minded people

Your 30 day Life Upgrade Challenge is filled with growth-minded individuals just like you, there to support you and hold you accountable along the way.

Take Inspired Action

This journey is for creators, not spectators. You will be challenged to push yourself in new and exciting ways. You will grow faster than you thought possible, in ways you didn’t expect.


Here are six of the powerful tools you will learn during the challenge.


A proven tool to immediately open up the flow of money into your life, even if you don’t currently have a plan that’s working for you.


Align with your natural leadership instincts to radiate a calm, confident state of being that others find irresistible. 


Get clarity on EVERY area of you life.  Define your beliefs, WHY you what the outcome and the strategy of ACTIONABLE steps to achieve it.  


Achieve deep rest and a powerful recharge. Wake up feeling unstoppable and enthusiastic. 


Simple but effective techniques to banish old limiting beliefs and past traumas. Growth your confidence and self esteem and self belief. 


Collapse timeframes in acquiring (and mastering) new skills by understanding the science of deep learning and how to access your brain’s hidden powers.


Many people mistakenly believe change is hard…that life is a struggle…that any improvement requires a massive commitment of TIME and EFFORT.

No. Change isn’t hard. What’s hard is continuing to just “get by” in life – feeling physically and mentally tired, emotionally disconnected and spiritually uninspired - NOW that is TORTURE.

Change is easy when you have the right tools, the right guide and the right support. Improvement comes naturally, and much faster than you think.

This is an opportunity to invest in yourself and take your life to the next level!

This is a very special community. I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

In just 30 days, the Life Upgrade Challenge guides you towards success in ALL areas of your life.

As you go through this process, you’ll notice numerous deep shifts in your thoughts, beliefs, daily habits and your overall quality of life. 

Typically clients come to me because they fall into one or more of the following categories.....

  • Stuck in a Rut
  • Not making enough Money
  • Working too hard or too long hours
  • Want a better career, or more job satisfaction 
  • Want to start their own business  
  • Have low energy levels
  • Not In a great relationship
  • NOT happy with weight or health
  • NOT living the lifestyle you desire
  • Held back by fears or past trauma 
  • Low confidence or self-esteem
  • Feeling DEPRESSED
  • Suffer from an Addiction
  • Just want to be more connected 

After completing your 30 day Life Upgrade Challenge clients typically experience .....

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    Total clarity as to what their life vision looks like across each category of their life, with a clear a actionable strategy to achieve it
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    A greater sense of control in all areas of life
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    More balance between work and personal life
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    A deeper understanding of themselves 
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    Amplified focus and productivity
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    Stronger relationships
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    Greater motivation for health and fitness
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    A clearer sense of purpose
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    A more positive money mindset
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    Heightened confidence and self-esteem
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    Jettisoned limiting beliefs and past traumas 
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    And so much more


Anyone with the COMMITMENT and DESIRE to achieve more in their life! 

Entrepreneurs • Those with Entrepreneurial Aspirations • Working Professionals • Business Owners • Trainers • Real Estate Professionals • Managers • Coaches • Consultants • Sales & Marketing Professionals • Healers • Home Based Business Owners

Join now and be the first to meet me in our Facebook community


My commitment is to be in the Facebook group every day throughout the 30 day challenge

This is one off opportunity to get ongoing support

In the 30 Day Life Upgrade Challenge, you'll receive access to all 10 techniques, plus ongoing livestream coaching and support, all in a members-only community, for only... 2,497 Peso (usual price will be 4,997 peso)

Its more fun in the Philippines right?

I'm here to coach you to transform your thinking, actions and results! My being part of this challenge you will change your results faster, go further, and it will be more FUN!

Your Coach For The Challenge

"Hi, I'm Graeme Hoppitt and I love the Philippines and the Filipino people having lived here for over 6 years with my Filipino partner. 

My passion is helping others transform their lives. I've always been fascinated by how the mind works, and when you master it anything and everything is possible.

Over my career I have spent literally 100,000 of dollars to ensure my clients get the very best and latest transformational techniques.   

I've been coached by the best, think - Dale Carnegie, Tony Robbins, Tony Quinn, Mind Valley, Neurogym, NLP, Jesse Elder, Manj W just to name a few .... 

I am also a Theta Healer practioner, a healing meditation modality which enables rapid changes to be made to enable individuals to change old beliefs and overcome trauma."

Some Filipinos have paid as much as 60,000 - 104,000 peso for such information.  I've seen Filipinos attend 3 day courses where they feel motivated and inspired at the time only to finish the course then get back to the real world deflated... 

And that is exactly why we structure this as a 30 day challenge, so you get the time to learn, apply and build new empowering habits.  


By attending the online 30 day Life Upgrade Challenge - Design Your Destiny  you get 30 days, not 3... to start to build momentum . This way you experience real sustainable changes  going forward....

EVERYDAY Graeme will be in the community with you answering questions, coaching you to success!   

Graeme has a gift for inspiring people, for letting out the jewel in each person. He has clear methodologies that cuts to the chase. He will essentially help you reach your goals much faster than you could ever imagine. I have a great mentor in Graeme!

Fe Amelia Garcia

Personal Financial Advisor

Graeme Hoppitt is a dynamic and energetic presenter who captivates his audience with his quick wit and patient heart. He is able to motivate and inspire those he meets to take action on their decisions, guiding them towards true happiness.

Brad Parkes

Business Coach, Coach Class Ltd.

Graeme is a visionary with the power to communicate ideas with direct simplicity that empowers. If there is anything you would like to change or improve in your life, talk to this man, now!

Marion Kalmus


If you desire to learn grown and TRANSFORM your LIFE!

Compare The Cost...

  • Just one hour with a life coach can cost between 2,000-10,000 peso
  • A daily coffee at Starbucks is 4,500 peso over 30 days
  • 1 hour with a therapist 500-5,000 peso
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    A full spa session 1,800 + peso

The 30 day Upgrade Life Challenge is just 2,497 peso! (the next batch is likely to be 4,997 peso) and will provide a platform for life long growth and success in all areas of your life!  

Life can be dazzlingly beautiful and magnificent: that is the huge message Graeme communicates with sensitivity and brilliance, I have had the "Gorgeous" pleasure of seeing him work his Vision into Reality magic with tough skinned adults and shy teenagers. I will never forget the smile of triumph of one previously nervous young lady as she took the stage with amazing confidence and power motivated and inspired by this wonderful coach and educator. If you want to massively and decisively change your life for the better get in touch with Graeme Hoppitt and learn that life is truly "drop dead gorgeous"

Don Smith

Director MindStyle Education & Development

Graeme has presented a life changing experience with passion, vigour and zest in an energetic and fun filled day, leaving a thirst for more. Thank you Graeme for the tools and love of life.

Joe Della-Porta

Director, Della-Porta Design

I was impressed by Graeme’s style and likeable approach. He delivered useful tools in a supportive way. I can definitely recommend him.

Stephen Conway

Managing Director, Cavendish Knight

 Graeme’s style of presentation leads to a deeper understanding of the subject. He is obviously passionate and knowledgeable about personal development.

David Grant

Managing Director, Neon-Net-Solutions Limited

Graeme gave a fantastic day’s seminar with lively, thought provoking presentations, interactive discussions and clear visual tools. Truly Outstanding!

Liz Maloy 

Positive & Healing directions

 Graeme Hoppitt has combined true passion with a powerful message that will move people to leave challenges behind and have great fun doing it.” 

Andrew Clark

Director, The Professional Speakers Academy

Graeme Hoppitt is a passionate & playful motivator who’s dynamic & energetic presence builds a dazzling rapport with the audience, which propels you on an electrifying roller coaster ride to a gorgeous & juicy conclusion. This is a big man with a big message.

Rhonda Job 

Retail Development Consultant

Graeme Hoppitt’s course. It’s a fabulous introduction into realising your goals and potential. The right forum to kick start your mind, body and soul into Action!

Meesa Matta

Graeme Hoppitt has a zest for life, and a passion for getting the best out of you. He is a real inspiration who will effortlessly lead you to a brighter future.

Claire Fletcher